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Our gorgeous ambassador Keegan finally (after much contemplation) made the decision to chop her gorgeous long locks and go blonder!! Here she shares her experience with us all …


“I have been with Khayaam for almost 3 years nows and happily go between all the stylists at the salon. One thing that hadn’t changed during my 6-8 week visits though, has been my reluctance to “change” my style. For years I have only ever had “fairy” trims in hope to have big long luscious mermaid waves just like everyone on Instagram. This also meant I felt the need to sacrifice going blonder and brighter. Instead having to choose a more natural softer blonde with root fades in the hope of keeping my length and the health of my hair.

The Secret Weapon

Guess what…… there’s a secret to long lucious blonde hair! It’s called a halo hair piece and I can almost guarantee 90% of the girls I was comparing my hair goals to had some form of extensions in. Thank you Covid-19 and isolation for helping me see this!! So then I started asking myself…. what is the main “GOAL” or look I want from my hair. I have an amazing opportunity being one of the ambassadors for Khayaam. Time to use my platform…. get some confidence and time for a CHANGE!!

The Vision

My vision board started to change…. it wasn’t necessarily long hair I wanted…. It was THICK and HEALTHY hair that was cut in a way that was modern and stylish. SNIP SNIP!!…… and BLONDER! Some words I kept searching…. #creamybonde, #pearl blonde, #beigebond. I’m a blonde at heart. So after a few messages back and forth to my sister and best friend, my head and heart were in line. I was chopping my hair shorter and brightening up my overall look. Thank the style lords I have an amazing team at Khayaam that I just knew would nail the brief. A quick chat to Leeanne while I booked my appointment helped me to prepare my hair so that I had that best results on the day. Maximising my hairs ability to “lift” and take the blonde as well as keeping my hair as healthy and nourished as possible. Going Blonde obviously strips your hair of both colour and strength so I wanted to ensure I was doing everything in my power to ensure as many boxes as possible were ticked. 


How did I prepare for going blonder?? I made sure I did a number of cleansing shampoos (using Kerastase) in the lead up to my hair appointment and avoided using any colour toning conditioners. I also did 2 Olaplex at home treatments the week prior. This was to give my hair every chance of being extra nourished to take the full head of blonde foils I had booked in for. 

The Process

A full head of foils, packed in close, has really lifted my overall blonde game and I love it! Chelsea used the most amazing toner that creates a soft creamy blonde just like I wanted. Going blonde is a commitment and a process though. I had a lot of darker natural tones particularly underneath where I previously had alternated between 3/4 and half heads of foils. I have been re-booked for another salon visit and 3/4 head of blonde foils for 6 weeks times to REALLY cement my new look and perfect the colour and tone. In the mean time I have a strict haircare regime at home using the Blond Absolu range by Kerastase in both shampoo and conditioner. Weekly to fortnightly at home olaplaex treatments as well as always using a heat protectant. I am also a lover of the Kerastase 8hr Magic Night Serum which I use both as a night time treatment but also a smoother for during the day. I believe what you do at home is KEY to great hair.

The Result

How do I feel now??Regretful … that I didn’t take the leap of faith and do it sooner! I can’t tell you how much I am loving my new style and colour! The colour is gorgeous but can’t wait to step it up that little bit more next time and really shine BLONDE! The shorter style is easy to manage at home and surprisingly has boosted my confidence so much! ….. and if I want longer hair…. I’ll just get a halo! Now I know the sneaky little secret of instagram mermaids. My hair looks and feels thicker and I feel amazing. What more could you ask for….Thank you to Chelsea for helping me muster the courage of doing both in one sitting. As well as for her knowledge and skill to execute my dreams into reality. Also to Leeanne for helping me to prepare my hair in the lead up to my big change.  I LOVE IT!

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