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Hair Length-Guide

Khayaam’s Colour Service Guide is here to take the confusion out of booking your next colour service. With so many different options, we understand how difficult it can be to book a hair colour service online or over the phone. So we have broken down the services we offer and simplified the hairdressing lingo for you. Hopefully this will help you to know which service to ask for and how long you will need to allow out of your day.

Hair Length Guide

Firstly we need to establish the hair length guide line to book for. Below is a diagram to help you visualise our descriptions.

Image of lady with long hair and markers to show where the definition for certain lengths relate to

Short Hair : is anything that sits above the jawline

Medium Hair : is hair that sits between the jawline to collar

Long Hair : is hair from your collar to around the armpit mark

Extra Long Hair : anything longer than your armpit

Colour Options

Once you have selected your hair length, you then need to select your colour service. This is where it can be a little overwhelming. Below is a full description of each of the colour services we offer at Khayaam.

Highlights – Foils

Highlights in hair refer to the strands of light colour that are added to the base or natural hair colour. creating a dimensional and sun-kissed effect. We use foils to seperate sections of hair that are lightened, which creates the highlight effect through the natural hair.

Highlights can vary in intensity, from soft and subtle for a more natural sunkissed look to bold and striking for a more noticeable effect. The result totally depends on your personal preference. Our expert stylists can make suggestions based on your preference, the style & condition of your hair and your current colour. We love highlights for adding depth and texture to the hair, enhancing its overall appearance with a multi-dimensional look.

The foiling process involves lightening or brightening the hair (high lights) but can also be done to add low lights (a colour darker than the base colour) We offer various applications for this service, commonly known as a full or half head of ‘foils’. The most important thing we need to know when booking your service, is the amount of foiling you would like done.

Full Head

A Full Head application means we will apply highlights throughout your whole head, giving the maximum amount of colour. This is generally the service you would select if you want to achieve a considerably lighter colour all over but not have a full scalp bleach (see below for this description). We would not recommend a ‘permanent or semi permanent base colour with this service, instead having your natural colour in between the highlighted sections. A full head of foils can take up to 2 hours to apply the colour so be prepared to be in the salon for 3.5 – 4 hours by the time we have washed, toned and styled your hair.

Half Head

A Half Head is where we only do the top section of your hair, from the front to just below your crown. This is the most common service as it creates beautiful lightness & dimension but is a quicker, less costly service. A half head of highlights can be done with your natural hair in between or we can also add a semi or permanent base colour whcih can cover grey hair if needed or to create a specific colour palette different to your natural colour. This technique can be done in a range of colours from blondes to brunettes or any colour of the rainbow. Generally we allow an hour to apply the colour so including the time for your colour to process and you preferred finish, this service takes approximately 3 hours.


A Partline is a smaller section that offers a minimal amount of colour. It is roughly 12 foils placed to give maximum impact with minimal time. This can be done to blend your regrowth in between bigger colour services like a half head of foils. Alternatively we can create a specific placement for a more dramatic or fashion colour effect.


Balayage is a hair colouring technique where the stylist will hand-paint the colour onto sections of the hair to create a natural, sun-kissed effect. This specific technique leaves the roots natural or your preferred base colour which then blends into lighter ends. Extremely popular for its softer, blended look and its easy, low maintenance.

This service can involve leaving the roots your natural colour or colouring your roots as well as lighting the ends (either with foils or hand painting). By colouring your roots as well, it gives maximum impact to your whole overall look.

Balayage is a highly fluid & creative process. The stylist can strategically place the highlights to complement the individual’s features and hair texture. The result is a low-maintenance and effortlessly beautiful look. Balayage has gained popularity for its ability to create soft, dimensional colour and grow out gracefully, making it a favoured choice for many.

Full colours are listed below, either selecting a semi permanent or permanent colour, this is where the entire head is coloured with a overall block colour.

Semi Permanent Colour

A semi-permanent hair colour is an overall block colour. It temporarily alters the hair colour of your hair  without fully penetrating the hair shaft.

A semi permanent only has the ability to darken or intensify over your natural colour. It has about a 20% grey coverage.

It can not lighten your natural colour. As a result, the colour gradually fades over time with each shampoo, typically lasting anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks. This means that as your hair grows, the line between your coloured hair and your natural becomes softer as it fades.

Permanent Hair Colour

Permanent hair colour is a type of hair colour  that provides long-lasting colour results. Unlike semi-permanent hair colour that only coats the hair’s surface, permanent colour penetrates the hair shaft and chemically alters the natural pigment in the hair.

It will give 100% grey coverage and has the ability to slightly lighten your natural colour.

Permanent hair colour is designed to be more resistant to fading, lasting until new hair growth occurs or until the colour is professionally removed. It provides greater coverage for grey hair and offers more versatility in terms of colour options. It can be used to achieve both subtle and dramatic colour


When you dye your hair, especially if you’re going blonde, there can be some yellow or brassy tones that pop up. This can make it look less natural or not exactly the shade you were aiming for. A toner is a hair product that’s applied after dyeing to neutralize these unwanted undertones. It also helps to enhance and refine the color you want.

It’s like the finishing touch to make your hair color look more polished and just the way you envisioned it. Toners come in various shades, so your hairstylist will choose one that complements your hair color goals. Whether that’s platinum blonde, ash brown, or any other shade. So, in simple terms, a toner is like the final Instagram filter for your hair color!

Often we may do multiple techniques on our clients to get the look they’re after. We understand can be challenging when booking your appointment. We will always call to confirm that the booked services are accurate.

The Finish

One of the most common questions is “do I need to book a blow wave or haircut?”


Our colour services automatically come with a complimentary dry off, which is simply drying your hair to check the result. No finishing products or techniques are used.

So, after selecting the colour service, according to the length of your hair, simply add your choice of blow wave or a haircut if needed.

Unfortunately if this isn’t booked we might not have enough time on the day to accommodate it.

If all else fails please call 0351445253 to discuss your needs. Our team can help you to select which services you will need to achieve your desired results.

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