Olaplex No.0

Olaplex No.0 and No.3 hair treatments

Introducing OLAPLEX No.0

It’s time to seriously boost your at-home OLAPLEX No.3 treatments. Just when you thought your at-home OLAPLEX game couldn’t get any better, Olaplex has launched something extraordinary to take your hair to the next level. Introducing, OLAPLEX No.0. No.0 is a companion to OLAPLEX No.3 for an intensive at-home reparative treatment.

N°0 + N°3: The Perfect Pair.

Our hero product! N°0 acts as an intensive repair booster working in tandem with N°3 to receive your most intense repair. This means 68% more repair & 3x stronger hair when used together.

Olaplex No.0 and No.3 hair treatments

Much like skincare and makeup, most products work best with a primer. Eyeshadow sits best and lasts longer when put on top of an eyeshadow primer, and makeup sits better on the face after a solid skincare routine. Think of No.0 as the primer to your No.3 treatment. No.0 can certainly works on it’s own and will provide repair; however, the product is intended to work as a two-part process. OLAPLEX technology works best when the product is wet in the hair. No.0 is a watery liquid that will dry quickly. Using No.3 over it, keeps the hair damp so both products can continue to work during the process.

You may be thinking this sounds like a home-grade version of the salon professionals only Stand Alone Treatment. The Stand Alone Treatment is the ultimate OLAPLEX experience; it intensively repairs hair and remains to be the most concentrated OLAPLEX experience. No.0 contains less of the active ingredient used in step one of the Stand-Alone Treatment.

olaplex-no-0-blonde before and after comparison

What is it?

The professional inspired treatment primes your hair for deeper repair, rebuilds hair bonds, strengthens, and  protects hair integrity. Use as the first step in a two part system with No. 3 Perfector (sold separately) to strengthen and repair all types of damaged hair.

So, who can use OLAPLEX No.0?

 No.0 is for everyone and works on all hair types and textures, just like the entire OLAPLEX range! Though all hairstyles benefit from his treatment, more intensely damaged hair will see the most dramatic results at first. The more often No.0 is used, the healthier the hair becomes. Results may not be as noticeable, but it is still working within the hair structure.

How to use it?

Apply No.0 to DRY Hair, fully saturate each section. Let process for 10 minutes. DO NOT RINSE.

Apply No.3 Hair Perfector (sold separately) directly over No.0 leave to process for another 10 minutes. Rinse shampoo and condition.

Watch the quick how to video on our Facebook page

When to use?

Use the 2 part system once a week or two to three times a week for damaged hair.

Each bottle of No.0 contains approximately 4-6 uses, just like the No.3. No.0 is non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty-free. It’s also: Paraben Free, Phosphate Free, Phthalate Free, Sulfate Free, Gluten Free, Aldehydes Free, DEA Free, Aldehydes Free, and Formaldehyde Free.

We are so excited to share this new product with you. No.0 will not only amplify your at-home OLAPLEX routine; it will provide extraordinary benefits to the integrity of your hair.

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