Walking the Kokoda Trail April 2012

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kokoda trail April 2012
kokoda trail April 2012
kokoda trail April 2012

In April 2012, our salon owners tackled the Kokoda trail and learnt again that teamwork is the best way to accomplish anything. This is what they had to say of their experience; “We walked in the footsteps of our Diggers and had the privelege of being on top Brigade Hill for Anzac Day dawn service. Our group consisted of 15 other everday Australians from all walks of life, ageing from 20’s to late 50’s and from all over the country. We entered as strangers but left as the closest of friends having shared an incredible physical and emotional charged journey! It is extremely hard to put into words what it was like and no photo does the landscape any justice. We all had sore knees, ankles, feet & backs, we all stunk going 8 days without showering, we all had our moments along the track doubting ourselves BUT no-one was shoting at us! We had food! We didn’t suffer from dysentery! We only walked from one end to the other! We were home again in 10 days! May our Diggers rest in peace for their ultimate sacrifice! Lest We Forget…

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