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Hair Clip Heaven

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Hair clips are the coolest hair accessory to try this season. The fashion world can't stop talking about and wearing this tiny update to everyone's wardrobe. It’s been seen all over the world from runways in various fashion week shows to bloggers on Instagram. Hair clips are the perfect accessory to add to a glam up do, loose waves or a simple pony tail.

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Decorated Bobby Pins.

Bobby pins have never been so much fun. The key to pulling off this look is wearing as many as possible - you really cant go wrong with some bobby pin free form. A look we guarantee will be everywhere soon is pearl bobby pins worn along the hair line.

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Hair Barrettes and Clips.

Hair barrettes come in all forms, from pearls and tortoise shell to diamond encrusted. The barrette style of clip is super easy to add to any style, they slide in and clip so they dont disturb your style when adding or removing from your hair.

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With so many styles to choose from and so many ways to wear them, the options are endless and limited only by your imagination (or inspiration) Clips are definitely the go to accessory this season!

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Blonde Hair - Luxury Care

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What kind of blonde are you? Grey, Platinum, Ash Blonde, Highlighted, Honey or Golden? Personalise your blonde regime with Kerastase Blond Absolu!

It's finally here - the perfect regime for blonde hair. A collection of 5 products to provide a clean, ash blonde niche. The range helps to shield against pollutants and keeps the hair super soft, smooth and shiny.

Absolu range

Why does blonde hair discolour? It’s quite simple, think of blonde hair like your favorite white shirt. It discolours over wears and you need to refresh and crisp up the tones. Blonde hair is the same, pollution styling tools and external aggressors impact the shine and tone of your hair. Kerastase Absolu has been designed to counteract these pigments and deliver a clean apperance. Often blondes have to make the choice between looking after their condition or their colour, not with Blond Absolu it works to neutralise brassy tones thanks to it’s ultra violet pigments, the hylauronic acid helps to strengthen and prevent breakage and Edelweiss Flower to sheild against pollution and external aggressors.



Within the collection:


Bain Lumiere - A daily shampoo which helps to deeply hydrate without weight. Gently removing impurities keeping your locks shiny and cleansed. Bain Lumiere line 3 01 
Bain Ultra-Violet - Designed to neutralise brassy tones, Ideally used twice a week to keep blonde hair fresh, cool and Icy.

 Bain Ultra Violt line 4 01
Cicaflash - An opalescent gel Conditioner. Cicaflash is a nourishing treatment for blondes. It helps restore hair without the weight of a traditional mask. Helping to repair damage and prevent further damage from bleaching or highlights.  Cicaflash Line 5 01
Masque Ultra Violet - This hero masque has been designed with a anti - brassiness neutralising complex to reduce yellowness in blonde hair. It also contains edelweiss to keep your locks super soft and shiny. Used once or twice a week to maintain shiny and radiant blonde hair. Screen Shot 2019 04 08 at 3.07.34 pm 
Cicaplasme - This blowdry leave-in treatment helps protect your hair from heat styling tools  Cicaplasme Line 7 01
Ultimate Blonde Rescue - Stabilize colour and illuminate lightened hair with the newest insalon post lightening treatment service.  Booster Line 8 01


Which ever blonde you are - “you dare we care”.

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