Genesis Fortifying Hair Serum


  • Effective hair serum for damaged hair
  • Silicone-free formula
  • Re-anchors fibre at the root for stronger strands*
  • Reduced hair shredding caused by breakage*
  • Effective anti hair-fall results after 6 weeks of daily application**
  • Itchiness and discomfort decreased after 3 weeks of use**
  • Reinforces the scalp and preserves the natural protective barrier to boost the optimal environment for future growth***

*Clinical study, 99 people after 6 weeks of use (hair-loss)
**Clinical study, 99 people after 3 weeks of use (soothing)
***Clinical instrumental study

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    Genesis Fortifying Hair Serum provides daily anti-breakage nourishment for weak, damaged strands. Boost resistance at the scalp. Strengthening hair day after day to reduce hair-fall and enhance hair health.

    Strengthen weakened hair and reduce hair-fall with the Genesis Anti-Chute Fortifiant hair serum. Enriched with Aminexil, Edelweiss Native Cells and Ginger Root in a jelly-like formula, this fortifying serum targets and re-anchors hair follicles for minimised breakage. Boost a stronger, fuller result within 6 weeks of use. Preserving the natural protective barrier of the scalp to create the optimal environment for future hair growth.