Dry Spray Wax


  • Provides a flexible hold for all hair types
  • Delivers a natural-looking matte finish
  • Adds texture and definition to your hair
  • Quick and easy application with the spray nozzle
  • 150ml

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    Goldwell StyleSign Dry Spray Wax 150ml is a revolutionary hair styling product that combines the convenience of a spray with the hold and texture of a wax. This unique formula is suitable for all hair types with a high shine look that provides ‘undone’ texture and definition and a long lasting finish. With the versatility of a wax and simplicity of a finishing spray, it allows you to effortlessly create and maintain your desired hairstyle without any sticky residue or greasy feeling. Suitable for all hair types, textures and lengths.

    How to Use:

    Shake the bottle well before use and hold the bottle approximately 20cm away from your hair. Spray the wax evenly onto your dry hair, focusing on the areas where you want to add texture and definition. Using your fingers or a comb, style your hair as desired, shaping and molding it into your desired look.