Genesis Fortifying Treatment Ampoule


  • Suitable for weakened strands
  • Increases fibre retention
  • Soothes and prevents itchiness and discomfort*
  • Tackles hair loss at the root by re-anchoring the fibre**
  • Significant anti-breakage results after 6 weeks of daily application**
  • Reinforces the scalp’s natural protective barrier to shield against future breakage***
  • Formulated with Aminexil 1.5% to help anchor roots more solidly, Ginger Root to protect against external aggressors, and Arginine to stimulate microcirculation and optimise future growth

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    Genesis anti-breakage fortifying hair treatment ampoule is for weakened strands, prone to split ends. Reduce hair-fall and boost a luxurious head of hair with the unique blend of ingredients that work to intensely reactivate hair roots and fibres.

    Delivering the ultimate intensive hair treatment to weakened strands prone to breakage. Enriched with a unique blend of active ingredients, this highly concentrated formula re-anchors hair follicles to the scalp, boosting both reparation and future growth for strengthened hair. Minimise any discomfort caused by hair-loss with a soothing formula that prevents itchiness at the scalp featuring Ginger Root, Aminexil 1.5%, and Arginine.

    How to Apply:

    STEP 1: Separate dry or towel-dried hair into sections

    STEP 2: Remove the top of the ampoule to reveal the applicator

    STEP 3: Apply the product of one ampoule to hair section-by-section, applying pressure to the bottom of the bottle

    STEP 4: Massage gently into hair using fingertips and leave-in for effective hair strengthening treatment

    STEP 5: Repeat daily for 6 weeks to see and feel glorious results