Blond Absolu Cicaextreme Hair Repair Oil 100ml


Intense blonde strengthening hair oil concentrate.

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    An intense blonde strengthening hair oil concentrate for sensitised, lightened or highlighted hair.

    This all-star leave-in hair oil offers a deep repair treatment for post-lightened and bleached hair while acting as a heat protectant for up to 230°C.
    This strengthening and nourishing hair oil instantly seals raised cuticles and dramatically reduces split ends, nourishing the fibre from within.
    Edelweiss Hair Oil instantly smoothes, strengthens and softens the hair while providing deep nutrition and repair.
    This hair oil strengthens sensitised coloured and lightened hair, boosting the hair’s resistance to external aggressors and shine capital

    Seals open scales and split ends for boosted softness and shinier hair
    Provides strong heat styling protection for hair
    Edelweiss oil rich in anti-oxidants deeply nourishes hair fibre and protects against daily damage.
    Lightweight serum to strengthen sensitized post-bleached hair.