Kerastase Extentioniste

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Kerastase Extentioniste Serum-01
Kerastase Extentioniste Heading

The Kerastase Extentioniste hair care routine targets roots, mid lengths and ends.
It stimulates the scalp then gently detangles the mid lengths and ends while reinforcing and finally sealing the ends for hair that is as full and strong at the ends as it is at the root.

Extentioniste product images

Let’s meet the range:

Bain Extentioniste Shampoo:
Contains Creatine R complex which protects the internal bond and helps combat the weakening of the fibre.
Bain Extentioniste
Resistance Fondant Extentioniste:
Powerful detangling and lightweight conditioner that coats the hair from roots to tips.
Enriched with Maleic Acid, this very small particle penetrates thefibre for a reinforcing action and seals the cuticle with a uniform coating.
Resistance Masque Extentioniste:
Offering the same ingredients and results as Fondant Extentioniste but with slightly heavier weight and control.
Extentioniste Masque-01
Resistance Serum Extentioniste:
This scalp and fibre serum is the perfect potion to apply at the roots and is a leave-in designed to restore the hairs cuticle to protect the fibre as it grows .
Kerastase Extentioniste Serum-01
In Salon Ritual: The perfectfirst
step to ensure your hair’s maximum growth over the 12 week program. Your stylist will transform your hair and relax your body.
Kerastase Resistance Extentioniste Fusio-01

Tried and Tested:

Our Khayaam Ambassador Keegan put the hair repairing program to the test.
“My 3 month’s using Kerastase Extentioniste.
Start length: 47cm
Finishing Length: 52cm
Total Growth: 5cm
Healthy, shiny and strong from the scalp to the ends with an amazing growth rate!

Extentioniste Row 2 Keegan grow progress-01

Extentioniste is both an in salon and at home hair care program that targets hair growth and health. In salon every 4 weeks. (not to be done with a colour) along with the use of solely the Extentioniste range at home (Shampoo, Conditioner, Scalp Serum and Heat Protectant), saw my hair totally transformed over 3 months.
This is a 3 month program and as you can see, the results speak for themselves!”

Extentioniste Collage
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