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Your guide to GHD curls

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Get Your Curl On!


As you know, GHD have recently brought out their latest edition to their ever growing technology for hair styling, the curling wands and tongs. To better help your decision in which styler best suits your hairstyle and achieving your desired look, we have put together some images of well known faces with well known looks we all love. 

For Your Conical Wand.

Think Taylor Swift, Carrie Bradshaw/Sarah Jessica Parker curls. They are bouncy, fun and have the look of being naturally blessed with this wavy hair. After styling, brush the curls with a wide tooth comb and smooth over ends with a light hydrating serum for some shine. Sweet girl next door hair? yes please!




The Hollywood Classic Wave Wand.

For all the ladies out there who love the lived in, done but not over done look this is your new best friend. The shape of this wand is unique with being a flatter oval shape as opposed to a traditional barrel shape. While still giving you optimum hold but not with the tight bounce. The loose, soft wave in which we see Melbourne socialite such as Rebecca Judd and blogger Sara Donaldson (Harper and Harley) wearing each day. For a textured beachy wave try breaking the curl up by running your hand/fingers through the waves and finish with a sea salt texture spray. For your more glam look, opt for brushing out the curl with a wide tooth comb or paddle brush to hold the shape together. 





Classic Large Barrel Tong

Victoria secret bouncy curls please? This tong gives the more traditional approach but with the larger size for medium to long hair. Ladies this is perfect for that big, loose, bouncy curl you would achieve from your stylist in the salon with a round brush blow wave, but with half the time and effort at home! With the added clamp it makes it easy to hold on to the hair sections as well as not getting too hot or close to your hands.

b2ap3_thumbnail_victoria-secret-girls.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_Large-barrel-image.jpg


Classic Small Barrel Tong. 

Ladies with that cute cropped bob or lob (long bob) this tong will give you perfect texture, shape and style as well as a size that is easy enough to wrap your hair around without dropping sections.  Celeb hair inspiration wise think, Taylor Swift or Lauren Conrad with their latest shorter 'do.




Dont forget GHD's great technology of evenly heated plates and optimum temperature setting helping you maintain great hair condition whilst using a heat protecting product. Not to mention they turn themselves off if you havent used it after a certain amont of time. Win! We stock the full range of the curling wands and tongs so pop in and see one of our stylist's who can help you get your hands on the next best thing in hairstyling. Khayaam also offers a free styling lesson with all GHD purchases. 

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Summer Hair Care

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Summer has sprung and were well and truely on our way into the new year! Its just as important as ever over this hectic time of the year to not skip out on nourishing your hair in the harsh Australian sun. 




Our beloved Kerastase Soleil range has the best at home hair treatment of which all products include a UV filter such as the likes of a sunscreen but for your hair, as well as providing extra hydration from which the sun takes and last but not least a colour shine protection for longer, more vibrant colour. Whats not to love!

The range includes a detox shampoo to help get rid of any build up such as sand or salt water, a uv protection hydrating masque or conditioner and also a cc cream which helps give extra hydration and shine, similar to the cc creams you use on your face. Lastly there are some add ons to this family of a leave in spray and pre swim lotion for extra protection against the Summer elements. 




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Christmas Wrap Ideas

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